Community-led radio and television
for the county.

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We believe there is a Fauquier treasure trove of talent and art out there, untapped and scattered across the web that should have a second, and central home here.

Then we can all more widely share what goes on in the community with the ability to watch at home and listen in our cars.


DC Ad sales rep

Who understands Virginia wine, horse and ag country and the advertisers in Washington who want to reach the people who live in it.


John Warner Delivers Knockout Punch at Atoka Country Supper

Consider this map. Consider its broadcast centers.

First up:

Fauquier County Sheriff's Citizens Academy

A documentary on the inaugural Sheriff ’s Citizens Academy classes sharing what 19 Fauquier residents learned about the FCSO. (In the works.)


Warrenton-Fauquier Airport: Women Can Fly

A film on Warrenton-Fauquier Airport’s “Women Can Fly” and its message that women should fly and find careers in aviation.  (Under production.)


If you would like to recommend a documentary of interest to Fauquier that should be shared with the whole county and would be a public service, get in touch. We’ll post the ideas and together see if we can get a crew and the right sponsors assembled.


If you have a finished video, film or documentary you would like to share on Channel One, please send its URL. (That’s the idea. That’s what will create the Channel.)


Please let us know what else you think should go on the Channel and we’ll post those ideas here. Creativity welcomed!

We can build our own radio and television station here
and without an FCC license.

Think NPR/Fauquier. Picture 60 Minutes/Fauquier.

Imagine what we could all put up on the Fauquier Channel.

Impossible? Or within our reach?

Fauquier Channel One is a new member of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce. To become a member of the Chamber, get in touch with Sylvia McDevitt at or by calling her at 540-347-4414.